Monday, July 27, 2009

FHE Catch Up

Tonight for family home evening, we wanted to think about our family history, it being pioneer day last week and all. And besides, we went to a family reunion this last week. As we discussed it, the thought came up how will our future generations know us. Unfortunately, since being married over a year ago, neither of us have been very good about keeping our own family history (ie we stink at writing our journals). We decided the next best thing would be to post in our blog the "goings ons" of this past month.


First off, toward the beginning of July one of my families I (brad) home teach had a bounteous crop of rhubarb. Brother Stewart, being the amazingly nice person that he is gave us a tour of his "secret garden" and also gave a a ton of rhubarb. Teri was wonderful! She used it to make strawberry-rhubarb crisp and then she made her very first pie from scratch. It was delicious! I'm glad I have her; I thought that rhubarb was a berry :)

Next on our list, can I get a little sigh from everyone? We celebrated our first year anniversary on July 12th. We knew we were going to have a super busy weekend, so I made Brad a lovely steak dinner complete with the only real silver we own, candle sticks, on Friday night. We didn't do much else, and I (Teri) will not lie, I didn't think Brad was going to remember. But he did not fail me, he just kept it a great secret. He had our neighbors keep a custom made bouquet of flowers that were similar to the flowers at our wedding, and had them sitting on the breakfast table on Sunday morning. The table was also decked out with my favorite breakfast, WAFFLES! By the way, my husband probably makes the best waffles ever.

(Brad again) I really do. Anyway, moving on...
To keep this brief (too late) I will let the pictures tell y'all how much fun we had at our family reunion this last week end up in Eden.

Hot tubbing with Joely-pooh.

Me driving the boat.

Sisters chillin.

Milly blowing a kiss.

Cousins on the boat.

Teri falling down:) but with such grace!

Well that's about it. We hope you enjoyed our FHE mega post. (We switched off back and forth who was writing. Hope you got that)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day Slave!

I hope everyone had as great of an Independence Day as Brad and I had. We did all the normal things you would do on the fourth, you know... shop at Walmart, pea in your parent's garden, and sit on the roof. Ok, so those types of things really aren't that "American", but we had a great day. First of all, we slept in. That is a good thing. Then we ate waffles. Yet another wonderful thing. Then we went to Walmart. Not so great. But it was Saturday and of course we had those few items that we needed before the sabbath, so we made a quick trip to Walmart. Yes, I know, what could be more American. Then we went to Brad's parents' and picked peas in their beautiful garden since they are out of town. We had a wonderful barbecue dinner at my parents house complete with homemade icecream! Wahoo! We then made the trek back to Hooper for fireworks. Ok, so instead of sitting with the hoards of people at Hooper Park like everyone else, I bet you can't guess what we did. Ok well maybe you can, but I thought it was pretty much the funnest thing I have ever done on the Fourth of July. We watched the fireworks show from Brad's family's roof, and it was probably the best seat you could have. We had such a great day, I hope ya'll did too.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pigs Flying

We really didn't see any pigs flying, but I think Brad experienced the swine flu this week. Brad started out with a sore throat on Sunday night, and by Monday he had no energy and really was not feeling his best. We had a family party on Monday night so I enlisted Brad to the task of making a jello salad. Well, he overdid the jello and so we had 2 huge pans of jello. I guess the surpluss of jello was a blessing in disguise because he had no appetite due to his sickness, but he seemed to manage the jello, so he downed a whole 8x8 pan of it on Monday and that was really all he ate all day. By Tuesday he had a high fever, aches, chills, sweats, etc. and didn't move from the living room couch all day. He started feeling better on Wednesday, but was definitely not recovered. I tried to have him help me with the dishes, an easy enough task I thought. Well, half way through the task, he got so light headed and weak, he had to go lay down. The poor guy. Anyway, he is finally feeling well enough today to go to work. We'll see how he does. He was never really diagnosed with H1N1 influenza, but normal flu season is done and over with, so probably anyone with flu symptoms probably has the swine flu. I've never had to experience a sick husband before. Let me tell you, it really wasn't any fun. I am happy to say he is in much better spirits today.