Thursday, June 19, 2014

Oregon: Week 1

We drove into Albany Oregon 1 week ago today to meet our new home.  After driving from Utah to Oregon 3 times in a month, Brad decided that this time we are here to stay!  We love the little house we are renting.  Thanks to Milly, Rob, and Terser we are mostly unpacked and getting settled.  We love our new ward.  Everyone has been extremely inviting.  As it turns out, our new bishop is a friend of my sister Kristi from Ohio (cannot lie, we're a little intimidated about being compared because Kristi is pretty amazing).
Anyway, in our first week here Brad passed the NAPLEX!!!! Now he only lacks the Oregon MPJE (law exam).  Also, we have picked strawberries in a pick your own berry patch, made jam with those strawberries, visited family in the nearby area, and gone to the Oregon Zoo!!!  Oh, and spent many hours in the back yard playing on the swing set.  Thanks Grandpa Hooper!
We do miss Utah, but we are very happy to be here and excited to see what this year will bring.

 This is basically our entire house in Milly's garage.

 Our new home!!!

 Picking strawberries!!
They are going to call us when blueberries are ready!

 Christian's boy side of the room they share.

 Ellie's girly part of the room.
By the way, Brad built that fine looking bed.

 Our kids were very careful to differentiate the cheetahs from the leopards from the tigers.

 Everyone's favorite part was feeding the parrots.

Chris was a little timid at first, but will not stop talking about how the bird stood on his arm.