Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Attempt at being Domestic

My mother provided us with a whole flat of wonderful red strawberries last week. Of course, two people cannot very easily eat that many strawberries without becoming sick before they go bad. So, what did we do!?! We made jam! Very tastey jam, I might add. We spent Monday evening learning the ropes of making our very own homemade strawberry jam. Truthfully, it wasn't that difficult of a task, and it wasn't that time consuming. We worked together on this fun project while watching a movie displayed on our laptop that we had perched on the minute amount out counterspace we have. We were so pleased with the end result of our domestic endeavor. And better yet, we get to reap the benefits of the ordeal every time we eat a peanut butter sandwhich or have a slice of toast! Yum, strawberry jam.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday & Easter

We had a great weekend. Saturday night, Dad, Mom, Janel, Brad, and I drove down to Provo to see BriAnn's students in their totally awesome production of "The Music Man." It made me a nostalgic of the good old days of junior high plays. I have so many good memories. It was a great production, and so much fun to see.

Sunday, I got the great opportunity to go play with the Bells on Temple Square on Easter morning with the Tabernacle Choir on Music and the Spoken Word. Let me tell you, there is nothing like being able to literally be in the middle of such wonderful music and sounds. The bells were positioned in front of the choir and behind the orchestra, so we were completely engulfed by the beautiful sounds created. It was such a great way to remind me what Easter is really about. Every song reminded me of Christ. We have so much to rejoice and sing about!

After the broadcast and church, we went to my parents' house to have Easter dinner. Dad, Mom, Janel, Derek, BriAnn, Brad, and I were all in attendance. We had a great dinner that was prepared by my mom, and after dinner we got to color Easter eggs! For some reason, I find so much enjoyment out of this activity. Anyway, we made some very colorful creations as you can see. In addition, we celebrated my dear Bradly's birthday. He turned 23 on April 13th. He's such great guy. I hope he had a good one. Anyway, all in all we had a very fun filled weekend. We had so much fun spending time with our family.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Conference Weekend!

Ok, I know it is now Friday, but Brad and I had a great weekend last weekend. I actually had a camera with me, so I even took some pictures. We enjoyed spending our time with family, friends, and watching conference.

Saturday night we spent the evening over at the Winter's house. Brad's dad makes really good fish, so we had a great dinner. Nella, Will, and Mari all came up from Provo to spend some time with us.

We had fun while the boys were at Priesthood. I wish I had had my camera because Milly got nice and creative with everyone's hair. She had curling irons going and wigs on everyone. She actually only cut my hair, but I think it looks great! We had delicious apple cobbler after everyone got home.

Sunday Morning, we started out the day with yours truly giving shots to family members! I love being a nurse at times like these! I actually checked up on all of my family members' immunizations, and everyone needed a tetanus shot, so I performed the dirty deed!

In between conference sessions, we drove to Sandy to visit Grandma and Grandpa Frandsen. They had a great meal for us while we watched and listened to conference intently.........

and then we all went for a nice walk in the park behind their house.

It was so fun to spend the weekend with family and to be uplifted by the wonderful words prophets, apostles, and church leaders. I am so grateful for all that we have!