Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is a long time in coming.  I have been so bad at keeping the blog updated, and for so long I attributed it to the lack of a computer that worked well with blogger.  Well, that changed in August with purchase of a new laptop right before school started for Brad.  Unfortunately, at about the same time that our computer joined us, the camera went ca put.  And really, blogs aren't all that much fun without pictures to go along with the posts.  And so the blog has been neglected even further.  So here we are, and guess what we got for Christmas!?! If you haven't already guessed it, we got a new camera!  Hooray!  Actually, it has already been sent back, if you can believe it.  There was a blotchy spot on the lens, but we should have another newER camera by the end of the year. Hooray again! Christmas was great.  Sadly, Elllie suffered through Christmas with a stomach bug that has since been passed to everyone in the family, except me (Teri).  I'm just biding my time until it's my turn.  I think at this point it is inevitable.  Some of our favorite gifts were a new piano bench for Mommy (had built by Bradly Dean, himself), binoculars and many a Minnie Mouse toy for Ellie, wrapping paper for Christian (oh yeah, he liked the stacking blocks Santa got him too), and a fun Woot shirt for Brad.  All in all, it was a wonderful day spent with those we love.  Merry Christmas!
My new piano bench.  Now the piano just needs to be tuned.
Mr. Christian Man enjoying the wrapping paper
Ellie and Christian trying to share the tent.  This is hard to do when Ellie is unwilling to let Christian touch her. 

This is a cute little video of Ellie checking out her stocking.  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Paga's chair

My dad has been having fun making fun things for his grandchildren. Ellie thought the chairs were so fun. She actually requested to have Christian sit by her which is pretty big stuff, considering usually she screams "don't touch me!" If he even brushes her. She has been talking about the fun little chairs all week.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Our laptop isn't really functional right now, so I am just trying out the blogger app.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Two Weeks

Friday marked two week of having our little Christian join our family. He is still so new to us and to the world, but we are so happy to have him here. We went to his two week appointment yesterday and he is now 7 pounds 5 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. He's definitely growing like a weed.
So a bit about the first two weeks....Christian decided that he wanted to go home on phototherapy due to his high bilirubin levels, so he spent his first week of life plugged into a wall basking in UV light to get rid of his tan (or rather his jaundiced skin). We attempted to use the bili light table, but learned quickly that Christian more than hated the idea of sitting naked on a hard surface without even a blanket to comfort him, so we gave up on that idea after the first night. Thankfully, our pediatrician is a realist and agreed that the table is really quite a joke at home in most instances, so I was glad to not be disobeying doctor's orders. We were just dilligent with and stuck to the "bili blanket."His bili was up at 15 the Monday after we left the hospital. Wednesday it was the same. By Friday, it had dropped to 10 and it only had to go down to 13 to stop the phototherapy, so we were pretty happy with the big jump.
We were hoping that with the absence of the bili blanket complicating a comfortable sleep, Christian would become a perfect sleeper. He actually did very good the first night phototherapy free, a great birthday present for Brad, but now he is frequently fussy less than three hours from his previous feeding, so his sleeping pattern is far from ideal. Oh, and I didn't mention the struggle we have putting him back to sleep in the middle of the night after feedings either.
It has been interesting to watch Ellie's reaction to her baby brother. For the first week, she hadn't done more than touch his hair and tickle his toes. She has warmed up to him a bit, and will now give him kisses, but She doesn't think holding him sounds fun at all. She doesn't really even want to be near him in most instances. Despite the fact that she won't really touch him, she loves to talk about him. She loves to look at him and say in a high pitched voice "he's so cute" or call him a cutie pie. She gets very excited in the morning when she hears him wake up. She is always sure to tell me that he's probably hungry. She also like to tell me to put him down to play with her, or tell me that he's hungry or angry when he's crying.
At Christian's one week mark, Aubrey and I met up together to introduce the two new cousins to each other. Her baby boy was born on the 3rd, so he and Christian are only three days apart. Brad's sister Kristi also had a baby girl about a week after Christian's birth. So Christian will have lots of cousins to play with his same age on both sides of the family with twins on my side of the family born 4 months ago.
In the midst of adjusting to life as a family of four, we also tried to celebrate Brad's birthday. My parents were kind enough to offer to watch Ellie and Christian on the night of Brad's birthday so we could go and have dinner together. I had gotten Brad some gifts, but unfortunately in my tired fog, they sat under the bed not wrapped and pretty much forgotten until 3 days after his birthday when he casually reminded me about them. I felt pretty bad about that. And he totally deserves to be spoiled because he has been so great these past two weeks. Not only is he is great to take rocking shifts in the middle of the night when I've reached my limit, he has also been great helping Ellie adjust to Christian. He had to take a test at 7:30 the day after we got home from the hospital followed by another exam the next morning, and he felt ok about both of them!. He has had to miss quite a bit of school and is still pulling out some very decent grades this semester. What a catch I got. I'm so grateful that he is such a great dad, husband, and student.

I'm going to try and post pictures, but it may be a while before I figure out the best way to do it. Sorry about that.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Christian Bradly

Yesterday, April 6, our little Christian was born. He came a little early, but it was not unexpected. Because of the medication Teri has been on for her blood clots, her doctor wanted to induce her early so she could stop the med 24 hours before to prevent any bleeding problems. So, we showed up to the hospital on Friday at 8:00 AM during an April blizzard. They started her at about 10:00. They decided to get things moving and manually broke her water at noon (while I was out getting a bite). I rushed back up. The doctor and nurses did not think my rush was needed, but I know how fast Teri can be. Low and behold Christian was born at 1:41 PM less than two hours later. The doctor did not make it back to the hospital in time for the delivery. He said he had expected he'd be back around dinner time when he walked in 3 minutes after she delivered. Thankfully, there was a midwife just down the hall who jumped in to deliver the little guy. Teri did amazing! She went natural again. She was great. Baby was born weighing 6 lb 9 oz and 20 in long. He came out blue with the chord around his neck a couple times, but he recovered quickly. He has a lot of dark hair like his big sister had. He is such a cute little guy. He and mom are doing great.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas, etc......

So, um.... it's been a while. Ever since I inherited Brad's "old Ipad", the laptop has become somewhat forgotten sitting underneath the couch. The Ipad is just so darn accessible. It is so easy to check facebook and cruise the internet on it, but it just doesn't cooperate with blogger (if anyone has suggestions on how to remedy this problem, let me know). Anyway, the ease of the Ipad has really made me slack off on the updates. Sorry. So, we'll start off at about Christmas (sorry this is so belated). This might be a long and wordy post.

Let me just say it now, Christmas is so much fun with a toddler. Ellie loved everything about Christmas. I don't think she really got the whole Santa Claus bit of Christmas, but every morning she would walk out of her bedroom and see the Christmas tree at the end of the hallway and would just kinda crouch down and whisper "Christmas tree!" or "Christmas lights!" in a very excited and awed tone. She loved Christmas trees and lights. I think the Christmas lights were how she first started learning her colors. Now that Christmas is all done and put away, she reminds us frequently that the Christmas tree is in the ceiling. Temple Square was another fun event of Christmas. She loved the "bubbles" on the reflection pond. She tried to blow them. She loved seeing the nativities from different cultures. She thought the Eskimos were Mr. Potato heads, and the red Japanese figure was definitely Minnie Mouse.
The Potato Head Nativity
Yes, in Ellie's eyes, that red figure just had to be Minnie Mouse
She had so much fun with her nativity sets at home too, she loved "Baby Jesus" and the "twinkle little star" the most. Even now, when we sing a song before bedtime she always says that she wants to sing a "Baby Jesus" song. Stories about "ho ho ho" were fun to read too. She also had fun with anything related to a jingle bell or with anything that remotely even sounded like a jingle bell. Christmas morning she slept in. Ooo, that was difficult for two parents full of anticipation for Christmas morning. We waited a whole hour after waking up before we went in a got Ellie up. She had fun opening presents, but didn't exactly tear into them like we were kind of hoping. She did well though, and enjoyed all of her gifts. Her surprise favorite was her potty. We bought her the potty because we were out and about doing shopping, and decided we should just get one, and since it was all boxed up, we wrapped it. Well, after opening up that potty, she would not open another present unless she was sitting on her thrown. Then she carried the thing around the house wherever she went. We let her drag it around on Christmas, but the next day I established it's place in the bathroom after many tears and screams on Ellie's part. Besides the potty (which really hasn't been used yet for it's rightful purpose, sadly) some of Ellie's favorite presents were her "rocky giraffe" from PaGa Winter, her "dishes toys," and she loves to say "hi" to Grandma on the cool cell phone she got.

the living room on Christmas Even after the Ellie was dreaming of sugar plums. You can see the "rocky giraffe" on the left.
What every good parent does before wrapping presents.... make sure they work well, and are safe to play with. This was Brad's creation the night we wrapped all the presents.
The silly little potty chair

Brad and I also had a great Christmas. It was so lovely having Brad around a little bit more than usual over the school break. We loved not having to think about school despite the increase in work hours that still kept him away at times. He did get to have a few days off the week before school started up again, so he threw all of his energies into this....

tada! He finished the piano! Wahoo! It's hard to believe that it isn't sitting in the garage anymore. It's been a permanet fixture down there for more than 6 months, and our faithful little Saturn has had to endure the elements outside on the driveway the whole time. We bought that old, beat-up, so-called instrument last February (see before pic here), so its about time it took it's rightful place in the living room. I love having a piano, despite the fact that it is desperately out of tune. I still enjoy it on a daily basis. Hopefully we'll be able to remedy it's unique sounds after it acclimates to its more permanent home in the living room. And if anyone just happens to have a piano bench sitting around that they don't want, we'll be glad to take it off your hands.

As far as preggy and baby news goes, all is well. The belly is still acting as a pin cushion, and it never has really learned to enjoy it's new calling in life. Geez! Those stupid shots HURT! But, I am way more than half done with the pregnancy standing at 27 weeks tomorrow, and I can't wait to stop the pin cushion gig. "Baby Brother," as Ellie calls him, is doing well, and is always right on target at our appointments. He is sitting a lot lower than Ellie ever did and he definitely favors the right side of my belly. Despite him sitting lower, my poor ribs still hurt. I just have a small torso, I guess. This guy is a very active little fellow. I started feeling him around Thanksgiving, at about 18 weeks (?) or maybe even earlier. I don't think I felt Ellie until well after 20 weeks. I am loving all the movement. Maybe not the blows to my bladder, but I'll just have to endure them because the rest of his little jabs are just so fun. I told myself that I would be better at taking preggy pics this time around. Well, I haven't. That is the end of that. I don't think I have a single one yet.

Oh, one other thing that Ellie got for Christmas was a way-too-big pair of Snow White plastic shoes from her Great Grandma Frandsen. Today she was clomping around the house in them, and I got this cute little video of her. I just had to share it. Sorry it is sideways, I don't know how to fix that.