Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Speedy Delivery

Early this morning at 3:02 our beautiful Elinor Jean Winter was born. She weighs 6 lb 7 oz and is 19 in long. She has lots of dark hair (more than me, Brad). And we also learned that she is not very patient. You see she was actually due until July 11, but she decided she wanted a June birthday. Last night after Teri and I did a late night delivery for the pharmacy we arrived home and started getting ready for bed at about 11: PM. Teri felt just fine until her water broke in the middle of family prayer. We were totally unprepared! Well, at least we did not have a bag ready. So while Teri is leaking a bit I am running around the house in my "daddy jammies" packing a bag with who knows what. But within a half hour or so we were checking into the hospital. Once checked in Teri was dilated to a 3 and looked like she would be a while. But Ellie had other plans. In about 45 minutes she was rechecked and was dilated to a 7 and in the transition phase of labor. Because the hospital was having quite the busy night (11 deliveries!) the anesthesiologist was preoccupied and Ellie could not wait. Long story short, Teri delivered natural (no drugs, and she did awesome), Our doctor made it just in time, and 3 1/2 hours after our family prayer we were holding our new baby girl in our arms.

I am so very grateful for the help we have received from our family, the medical staff, and the Lord. Elinor is beautiful and we love her so much already!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Surprises

So, a little history behind our house:
It was previously occupied by a Latino family for about a year before we moved in. They let the yard and house get a little under maintained. (the yard was atrocious) But before they moved in a nice lady lived in our house who was a gardener by trade. She actually worked in a nursery. And being the gardener that she was she planned a very nice garden where different flowers would pop out at different times of the spring and summer. So we have been enjoying these little surprises popping out of our ground. (the only pictures we lack are the tulips that came up the week we moved in)

We are very grateful for this gardener lady and her skills. Thanks to her our yard, which has taken a back seat to painting lately, does not look absolutely horrid.

Thank you random gardener lady!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Christensen Family Trip to Park City

Since we've been working so hard on the house the past month, we were lucky enough to have a family vacation planned this week with the Christensen family. It has been nice to get away and not think about work, school, or projects that need to be done on the house.

Here are some of our pretty pictures from our adventures here in
Park City

The beautiful Christensen gals

And the manly men

Here we are at the Upper Provo River Falls
almost up to Mirror Lake

Teri is dressed very appropriately

Now here we are at This is The Place State Park.
We decided to take a trip to the park because Mom and Dad recently discovered that our great great grandfather's cabin from Emery county was moved to the park last year. A big family lived in this tiny cabin, and it was the post office to boot.

Us having fun on the train ride around the park. Weeee!