Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Home Improvements

Boy, it sure does take a long time to paint a house when you have a limited time schedule. To start off the week, Brad had his first experience texturing a ceiling on Monday. We had to cover up where a swamp cooler used to be in the hallway. He did a really good job, and now you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. Wednesday was another painting day. Tanya, Janel, and Mikey came over and painted the army room. It needed two coats of primer to cover up all that lovely green, and all those lovely holes. They also painted the ceilings in the kitchen, living room, entry, and hallway. By Saturday of this week we were able to get the final coat on the walls of the kitchen, living room, entry and hallways. Thanks for all the help yesterday: Nathan, Rex, Tanya, Dad and Mom (Winter), and Mikey. Throughout the day, everyone kept noting how our next door neighbors were having a party and how jealous they were of the blow-up bouncy room inflated in their back yard. Well, right as we started the cleaning up process, Brad commented to our neighbors about how cool their bouncy room was. And the good neighbors that they are, they invited everyone over to have a go in the big blow-up toy. I think that pretty much made Brad's day. Not only did everyone get to have some fun in the bouncy room, our nice neighbors provided us with the left over food from their son's birthday party. It was really nice of them especially since I didn't have anything planned for dinner. Mikey, Brad, and Nathan stayed up until midnight taking tape off the walls. It is really great to see the front room without accents of bright blue tape. Thanks again everyone for your help. We couldn't get this all done without it. I am not much use in my "current state." I attempted to paint yesterday, but trying to stand up or just move around and not touch wet paint is more than a chore with a big belly. Anyway, thanks again. We are so much closer to having some semblance of order in our new home!

Brad, Nate, and Rex showing our new neighbors
just how mature we are


We were too lazy to get a ladder,
but not too lazy to be creative!
(we actually did end up getting the ladder out)

The fruits of stripping tape at midnight

And now the prettiest little preggy out there
(this was written by Brad)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here are the much anticipated photos

Janel is dressed and ready for work!

This is our newly whitened kitchen

A huge thanks to Janel, Tanya, and Mikey.

Yes those were the wall colors and yes there were a lot of holes.

Oh and for those that have not seen it yet.
This is our new home.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Week 2 Home Improvements

This week on the Winter Home Improvements List

-Applied putty to the nail/screw/staple infested walls
-Sanded the walls
-Applied primer
-cleaned behind the stove
-de-gooed the stairs and landing
-Got a garbage can!
-Got a garage door opener
-weeded the never ending dandelion patches
-Mowed, trimmed , and fertilized the lawn

We are now in our second week as home owners, and it as you can see by our list, being a homeowner is a lot of work. I was at a public health conference the first part of the week, and Brad took one of those days to prime the walls with the help of Janel, Tanya Platt, and Mikey. I came home on Wednesday night pleasantly surprised to no longer have grease stained kitchen walls, and holes all over our living room walls. I can't wait to have the painting done in the house because we can't completely unpack yet, not to mention set up a nursery. ;In the process of prepping the kitchen, Brad was the lucky candidate to clean behind the grease covered stove. That was quite the project. I didn't get to see the mess, but I can only imagine what it was like after cleaning the grease covered walls and ceilings (the previous owner really liked cooking with copious amounts of grease).

We finally got a garbage can yesterday. That was quite a relief. We had quite the pile of refuse accumulating in our garage from two weeks worth of cleaning and daily living.

Brad mowed the lawn for the second time yesterday. He is completely frustrated with the thriving dandelion patches growing throughout the grass and flower beds. He fertilized yesterday with a combination fertilizer/weed killer. We hope to see some improvements in the coming weeks.

I'll post some pictures of the painting festivities the next time I have my camera.

P.S. If you can't tell by the random post created by my brother, Brad installed a dead bolt in our front door last week. He thought it was a lot of fun, and Nathan had fun capturing everything on his camera.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Winter Happenings


Word to your mother.... The Winters are in a house....

This blog was brought to you by. Nate