Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is a long time in coming.  I have been so bad at keeping the blog updated, and for so long I attributed it to the lack of a computer that worked well with blogger.  Well, that changed in August with purchase of a new laptop right before school started for Brad.  Unfortunately, at about the same time that our computer joined us, the camera went ca put.  And really, blogs aren't all that much fun without pictures to go along with the posts.  And so the blog has been neglected even further.  So here we are, and guess what we got for Christmas!?! If you haven't already guessed it, we got a new camera!  Hooray!  Actually, it has already been sent back, if you can believe it.  There was a blotchy spot on the lens, but we should have another newER camera by the end of the year. Hooray again! Christmas was great.  Sadly, Elllie suffered through Christmas with a stomach bug that has since been passed to everyone in the family, except me (Teri).  I'm just biding my time until it's my turn.  I think at this point it is inevitable.  Some of our favorite gifts were a new piano bench for Mommy (had built by Bradly Dean, himself), binoculars and many a Minnie Mouse toy for Ellie, wrapping paper for Christian (oh yeah, he liked the stacking blocks Santa got him too), and a fun Woot shirt for Brad.  All in all, it was a wonderful day spent with those we love.  Merry Christmas!
My new piano bench.  Now the piano just needs to be tuned.
Mr. Christian Man enjoying the wrapping paper
Ellie and Christian trying to share the tent.  This is hard to do when Ellie is unwilling to let Christian touch her. 

This is a cute little video of Ellie checking out her stocking.