Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our First Camping Trip

Both of us (Teri and Brad) grew up camping.  We figured we were pros at it and could manage to take our little family camping for one night without a problem... We are so novice!  We had a great time and made some great memories, but we definitely will take more time to plan next time.
First off we did not reserve a camp spot.  Bad idea for the last weekend before school starts again.  We drove through six or seven camp  grounds before we found a spot.  This spot happened to be a mile away from the nearest water.  We went up into the Uintahs by Mirror Lake.
We got there in time for lunch... we forgot to pack the lunch meat.  As good as lettuce and mustard sandwiches sounded we improvised with hot dogs on bread... Yum.  After lunch, we set up the tent.  At least we tried.  There were no stakes in the bag, and this tent requires stakes to stay up.  So we quickly made stakes from sticks.
Anyway, long story short we forgot to pack several useful cooking utensils and paper towels.  We all had a great time and will always remember our first camp out.
 Yummy camp food!!
 The kids loved the fire... and the flashlights
 This is how real men camp
 Throwing rocks in this stream was the favored activity

 Christian had so much fun exploring the woods
 Provo River Falls
 We broke one pole and cast out a total of 3 times
 Ellie was excited to catch "the biggest girl fish in the lake"
He will grow up to be a mighty fisherman