Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Christian Man

Christian Man had his second birthday over the weekend.  That boy is growing up.  His vocabulary is really starting to take off, and I find it very amusing to try and interpret his choppy sentences.  Brad and I have both said that we never really had this toddler talking phase with Ellie, so it is fun to experience it.  We decided to go to the Hill Aerospace Museum in Roy on his birthday.  He is a big airplane fan.  Any time we are outside, and he hears a loud noise, he searches the sky until he finds the plane.  We invited cousins over for hot dogs during the first session of conference, then we headed to the museum.  Christian and all his cousins loved running from plane to plane at the museum.  It was so nice that there were so many planes outdoors where they could just run and have fun.  We came home and had cake while watching the next session.  What fun.  

The cousin's eating a typical 2 year old's favorite food: hot dogs, jello, and juice.  

All the cousins lined up for a picture.  This was a difficult undertaking with all the excitement of aviation around them.

Ellie and Ainsley.  Oh those girls... they were great a posing for their picture.

Christian also invited Uncle Mikey and when he wasn't running from plane to plane outside, he wanted to be carried by Uncle Mikey.  
These two guys are best buds, and they were so much fun to watch in the plane museum.
When I asked Christian what he wanted for his birthday a week or so ago, he said "birfday candles, blow away!"  So it wasn't a surprise that the candles were blown out before a proper picture could even be taken.
Our happy family
(note from Brad: Who can name the two planes behind us?
Arguably the two coolest airplanes ever!)

 I love this picture of Christian.  He got the McQueen car for his birthday a year ago, but his genes just would not allow him to use use it to its full extent.  Around the end of January, his legs were finally long enough to reach the floor and now that car just zooms around our tile and laminate floors on a daily basis.  He loves it.
 This is how we found him the other day... in his boat... no pants...
(PS This is his favorite shirt.  He calls it his "mush-sash" shirt.)

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Semi-annual post

It's here!! What is becoming our semi-annual blog post has finally arrived.
Not a whole lot has happened around here.  Brad is still in rotations, Teri is still working with gross holes in people and the kids are growing fast.
Here is a quick photo recap:

Hello Kitty costume from Halloween
 Panda Bear
 Gingerbread House made at Grandma and Grandpa Winter's annual Gingerbread Party
 Prepping for the cold

 Christmas Morning

 The lawn mower that he now calls a vacuum.
Princess Bike.  She has already made major improvements on the bike despite our ice covered sidewalk.  
The most desired gift from Santa was an Ariel shirt.  She put this outfit together by herself.  She insists on wearing flip flops in the house even in the dead of winter.  Sun glasses are a frequent accessory as well.  
 The redecorating of the Christmas tree on New Year's Eve.  Anything she could find in her room was free game for the event.  We had multiple ribbons from her dress ups, a slinky, a toy microphone, stuffed animals and a few other miscellaneous items. 

We had a great Christmas and New Year's.  Brad had two weeks off from his pharmacy rotations, and I had a lot of time off of work, so it was a great holiday with lots of time together as a family.  Brad is back into rotations this week and I am back to my normal work schedule next week.  I have great goals to keep the blog better updated, but we will see how that goes.  Until next time!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our First Camping Trip

Both of us (Teri and Brad) grew up camping.  We figured we were pros at it and could manage to take our little family camping for one night without a problem... We are so novice!  We had a great time and made some great memories, but we definitely will take more time to plan next time.
First off we did not reserve a camp spot.  Bad idea for the last weekend before school starts again.  We drove through six or seven camp  grounds before we found a spot.  This spot happened to be a mile away from the nearest water.  We went up into the Uintahs by Mirror Lake.
We got there in time for lunch... we forgot to pack the lunch meat.  As good as lettuce and mustard sandwiches sounded we improvised with hot dogs on bread... Yum.  After lunch, we set up the tent.  At least we tried.  There were no stakes in the bag, and this tent requires stakes to stay up.  So we quickly made stakes from sticks.
Anyway, long story short we forgot to pack several useful cooking utensils and paper towels.  We all had a great time and will always remember our first camp out.
 Yummy camp food!!
 The kids loved the fire... and the flashlights
 This is how real men camp
 Throwing rocks in this stream was the favored activity

 Christian had so much fun exploring the woods
 Provo River Falls
 We broke one pole and cast out a total of 3 times
 Ellie was excited to catch "the biggest girl fish in the lake"
He will grow up to be a mighty fisherman

Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is a long time in coming.  I have been so bad at keeping the blog updated, and for so long I attributed it to the lack of a computer that worked well with blogger.  Well, that changed in August with purchase of a new laptop right before school started for Brad.  Unfortunately, at about the same time that our computer joined us, the camera went ca put.  And really, blogs aren't all that much fun without pictures to go along with the posts.  And so the blog has been neglected even further.  So here we are, and guess what we got for Christmas!?! If you haven't already guessed it, we got a new camera!  Hooray!  Actually, it has already been sent back, if you can believe it.  There was a blotchy spot on the lens, but we should have another newER camera by the end of the year. Hooray again! Christmas was great.  Sadly, Elllie suffered through Christmas with a stomach bug that has since been passed to everyone in the family, except me (Teri).  I'm just biding my time until it's my turn.  I think at this point it is inevitable.  Some of our favorite gifts were a new piano bench for Mommy (had built by Bradly Dean, himself), binoculars and many a Minnie Mouse toy for Ellie, wrapping paper for Christian (oh yeah, he liked the stacking blocks Santa got him too), and a fun Woot shirt for Brad.  All in all, it was a wonderful day spent with those we love.  Merry Christmas!
My new piano bench.  Now the piano just needs to be tuned.
Mr. Christian Man enjoying the wrapping paper
Ellie and Christian trying to share the tent.  This is hard to do when Ellie is unwilling to let Christian touch her. 

This is a cute little video of Ellie checking out her stocking.  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Paga's chair

My dad has been having fun making fun things for his grandchildren. Ellie thought the chairs were so fun. She actually requested to have Christian sit by her which is pretty big stuff, considering usually she screams "don't touch me!" If he even brushes her. She has been talking about the fun little chairs all week.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Our laptop isn't really functional right now, so I am just trying out the blogger app.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Two Weeks

Friday marked two week of having our little Christian join our family. He is still so new to us and to the world, but we are so happy to have him here. We went to his two week appointment yesterday and he is now 7 pounds 5 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. He's definitely growing like a weed.
So a bit about the first two weeks....Christian decided that he wanted to go home on phototherapy due to his high bilirubin levels, so he spent his first week of life plugged into a wall basking in UV light to get rid of his tan (or rather his jaundiced skin). We attempted to use the bili light table, but learned quickly that Christian more than hated the idea of sitting naked on a hard surface without even a blanket to comfort him, so we gave up on that idea after the first night. Thankfully, our pediatrician is a realist and agreed that the table is really quite a joke at home in most instances, so I was glad to not be disobeying doctor's orders. We were just dilligent with and stuck to the "bili blanket."His bili was up at 15 the Monday after we left the hospital. Wednesday it was the same. By Friday, it had dropped to 10 and it only had to go down to 13 to stop the phototherapy, so we were pretty happy with the big jump.
We were hoping that with the absence of the bili blanket complicating a comfortable sleep, Christian would become a perfect sleeper. He actually did very good the first night phototherapy free, a great birthday present for Brad, but now he is frequently fussy less than three hours from his previous feeding, so his sleeping pattern is far from ideal. Oh, and I didn't mention the struggle we have putting him back to sleep in the middle of the night after feedings either.
It has been interesting to watch Ellie's reaction to her baby brother. For the first week, she hadn't done more than touch his hair and tickle his toes. She has warmed up to him a bit, and will now give him kisses, but She doesn't think holding him sounds fun at all. She doesn't really even want to be near him in most instances. Despite the fact that she won't really touch him, she loves to talk about him. She loves to look at him and say in a high pitched voice "he's so cute" or call him a cutie pie. She gets very excited in the morning when she hears him wake up. She is always sure to tell me that he's probably hungry. She also like to tell me to put him down to play with her, or tell me that he's hungry or angry when he's crying.
At Christian's one week mark, Aubrey and I met up together to introduce the two new cousins to each other. Her baby boy was born on the 3rd, so he and Christian are only three days apart. Brad's sister Kristi also had a baby girl about a week after Christian's birth. So Christian will have lots of cousins to play with his same age on both sides of the family with twins on my side of the family born 4 months ago.
In the midst of adjusting to life as a family of four, we also tried to celebrate Brad's birthday. My parents were kind enough to offer to watch Ellie and Christian on the night of Brad's birthday so we could go and have dinner together. I had gotten Brad some gifts, but unfortunately in my tired fog, they sat under the bed not wrapped and pretty much forgotten until 3 days after his birthday when he casually reminded me about them. I felt pretty bad about that. And he totally deserves to be spoiled because he has been so great these past two weeks. Not only is he is great to take rocking shifts in the middle of the night when I've reached my limit, he has also been great helping Ellie adjust to Christian. He had to take a test at 7:30 the day after we got home from the hospital followed by another exam the next morning, and he felt ok about both of them!. He has had to miss quite a bit of school and is still pulling out some very decent grades this semester. What a catch I got. I'm so grateful that he is such a great dad, husband, and student.

I'm going to try and post pictures, but it may be a while before I figure out the best way to do it. Sorry about that.