Monday, January 31, 2011

Grandma Winter's Big Day

We had the pleasure of being a part of Brad's Grandma's wedding on Friday. She and her new husband were married in the Bountiful Temple. They had a nice luncheon in North Salt Lake after the ceremony. It was a nice wedding, and we are very happy for Grandma and Jake. It has been fun to see Grandma so giddy and energetic (not that she has ever had a lack of energy) about the whole ordeal. We know she'll be very happy with Jake.

I don't profess to be a photographer, but I did want to post a few pictures for family to see if you weren't able to be there. I think we took about 8 pictures total, so sorry I don't have more to offer.

Grandma and Jake just outside of the temple

At the luncheon
Ainsley and Milly chillin' at the luncheon
Pretty Whitney at luncheon

Saturday, January 15, 2011

When "H" freezes over

"H" being Hooper of course.

A few years ago, Brad's parents invested in a bunch of plastic. With a little bit of ingenuity, and a lot of water, voila! An ice skating rink was born. Now mind you, the first year they attempted this feat, it was a Christmas present for the family (which included a bunch of skates, of course), but Brad was on his mission. Can you imagine being in hot, humid Costa Rica, and hearing about a Christmas gift like that? I think it would make you miss Hooper and freezing cold weather quite a bit. That's what Brad said at least. Anyway, this year Mom wasn't able to get the rink set up before the trip to Arizona when we had that big cold spell, so she got it set up the week after. And it sat......for a very long time......because it wouldn't gosh darn freeze! We called it the kitty's giant water dish for almost the whole month of December. We finally got to test the waters, or rather the ice, out about 3 weeks ago, and it was glorious!

The last time the rink was up, was the year Brad got home from his mission. That Christmas season is full of lots of memories for us. Not because we were lovey dovey in love, but because we actually weren't "dating" at the time. I think Brad's whole family thought we were because I spent so much time over at his house, but we weren't. Despite the fact that we weren't together, we spent a lot of time ice skating. I think I probably used that as my excuse to be with him. And I really fell in love with the ice rink(Well, and Brad too!)! It is so fun to have the rink back again this year, and it is better than ever! The ice is so much more smooth this year, the skates have been freshly sharpened, lights have been added for ambiance, and there is even some kind of a manual Zamboni contraption that they use on it from time to time to keep it glassy smooth. Pretty crazy, huh? And best of all! I can hold hands and skate with my sweet hubster all I want cuz now I am with him for eternity!

Take a look at that beauty! I'm referring to the rink. Just imagine, on the other side of the rink are tiki torches, and a warm crackling fireplace with a few chairs around it to warm your fingers while resting.

Our skating buddies on Friday Night, Milly and Emm.
Brad in his winter wear
me in mine (you can't see it, but Mom got warm fuzzy pink socks to wear inside our skate as part of our skating gear. Mmmm warm toesies are always a good thing)

Our attempt at figure skating. I know... you're jealous of our grace
Once again, another portrayal of our unforgettable poise and grace
Acknowledging the onlookers after the standing ovation
And what post would be complete without a cute picture of Ellie? I guess I may be a paranoid mother, but she stays inside with Grandma while we skate. We don't want a sick girl on our hands. Maybe I'll build up the courage to bring her out one of these days.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 in Quick Review

I just took down last year's calendar over the weekend. It is pretty crazy to see everything we did last year. I don't think we'll have this much going on for a long time.

-Brad's first pharmacy school interview

-Another interview! This time in Arizona which gave us a great excuse to visit Brad's brother.
-We got ourselves a Realtor and started out on the house hunt.

-Brad got accepted to his first choice of school!
-Put an offer on our house

-The pharmacy moved
-finished off our time as wildcats
-Closed on our house! Finally!

-Moved into our house
-Painted our house
-Fixed our house
-Made our home

-Milly's wedding
-New arrival! Elinor Jean!

-Lots of adjusting
-2nd wedding anniversary

-Brad started graduate school
-bought our first car together

-Elinor's blessing
-Lion King
-Back to work for me
-Lee came home

-Meet the Frontrunners & co

-Another trip to Arizona for an outstanding Thanksgiving dinner

-Many a family gathering
-Final Tabernacle Choir dinner
-Ellie's first Christmas!
Brad and I have said this again and again as we look back at this past year, "we have been so blessed." We know the Lord has been guiding us through all of these momentous events. We are so grateful for all we have. Mostly each other.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ellie + Cuzzy Isaac = Cute

......they come from a good gene pool, don't you think?

6 months! Wahoo!

Ellie had her half birthday on Thursday of last week! I know it is so cliche to say this, but she is growing up so fast, and I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is a super good eater and has added a few delicious veggies to her repertoire of foods. She is sitting up without any assistance now, and looks like such a big girl. She is very chatty and says phrases like da-da, ni-ni and nay-nay, not to mention all her loud high pitched squeaks. Here are a couple of cutie pie pictures of her on the momentous day.

Ellie just lookin' cute. That cute beanie was a gift from Grandpa Winter.
Ellie is starting to give a little crooked cheez smile. It is quite adorable.


My other Christmas post was more about the festivities leading up to Christmas day, so here are some of our pictures from Christmas day. We had such a great time spending Christmas as our own little family along with both my family and Brad's family.

Ellie looks a bit drunk in this picture, but she is just such a cutie playing with her new toys on Christmas morning.
So wrapping paper is probably what enthralled Ellie more than any gift she got. What do you expect? She's 6 months old!
Ok, Ellie really likes cardboard too.
This is what Brad and I got for Christmas. We have been using Grandma Frandsen's (Brad's grandma) table for the two and a half plus years we have been married. We decided is was about time to get our own. We are very happy with our choice.
Ellie basking in the joy that is Christmas!
Christmas is a very different experience when you have a little one. It is infinitely more fun. We had so much fun celebrating with her and all of our family.