Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hawaii 2009

Here are a few pictures from our Hawaii adventure with the whole Winter family. It was such a fun experience, and we are so grateful to Mom and Dad for planning the whole thing for us! This is Brad and me being Tahitian warriors. I know, we're fearsome.We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center while we were on Oahu. We got to go to a really fun Luau and drink mango shakes from a pineapple. We ate fresh shrimp from Remy's shrimp shack. It was literally a shack on the side of the rode. But the shrimp was fresh, and it tasted great. It was a messy meal though.

When we got to Kauai, we went on a awesome hike along the Napali Coastline. It was so lush and green and just full of spectacular views. The whole trail supposedly takes about 3 days, but we only took the first stretch. It landed us at a very pretty beach, with some severe warnings

The last day, we went Kayaking along a river after playing on the beach. The kayaking was way fun, and that is where I received my sunburn of all sunburns (see previous post). It was totally worth it though.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wear Sunscreen.....

I would like to bear testimony of the importance of wearing sunscreen. We were so good throughout our whole Hawaii trip to apply generous amounts of sunscreen, and because of our earnest efforts, we were not burnt at all until the last day of our vacation. But the sun had it out for me, and my legs now look like swollen tomatoes. We went kayaking the last day of our vacation, which means our legs were a perfect target for the sun, while the rest of our vacation they had been well hidden in the waves of the ocean. To make the matter even worse, I spent the whole next day on a plane where I could not elevate my feet. I wish I had a picture to show of the moment we landed in Salt Lake. It wasn't pretty. I had kankles! This picture is 4 days after the sunburn occurred, and the swelling has gone down drastically. However, I can still make polka dot pictures with the edema that remains after elevating my legs for significant amounts of time. So, yes, sunscreen does work. It prevents cancer. It prevents unnecessary pain. And it prevents kankles.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So we've spent about the last week in Hawaii with Brad's family. We have been having a great time, and really have not had time to sit down and post. I am just logging in to say hello since we have a little down time this evening. Let me tell you, Hawaii is amazing! We started out our trip on Oahu where I discovered what I want my new hobby to be... snorkeling! I know there isn't a lot of supreme snorkeling spots in Utah, so it wont really blossom into anything more, but I highly reccommend snorkeling. We went to Shark's cove where we saw angel fish, clown fish, a turtle, the Hawaii state fish, and all sorts of other amazing tropical fish. We got to Kauai on Sunday and went on an beautiful hike on Monday morning along the coastline near the Napali coast. Today we went to the ocean and played in the waves and did more snorkeling. This has been such a great adventure, but unfortunately, probably the only think Brad and I forgot was the memory card to our camera. I know! pretty stupid, huh? We were able to buy one, but I can't transfer the pictures to the computer until we get home, so I promise a few pictures next time. Until then... Aloha!

Friday, August 7, 2009


So, BriAnn and Derek really instigated this whole thing. And for that, I give them a great big THANK YOU! We went camping "siblings only style" this past weekend and had so much fun. We stayed at Spirit Lake in the High Uintas and I highly recommend it. The camping trip really only consisted of fishing, eating, card games, and sleeping. But really, what could be better? Derek and BriAnn went up a day early and set up camp. Nathan, Janel, Brad, and I drove up after I got off work on Friday. Here are some of the pictures of all the fun we had.

Having fun at our campsite

Derek and Nathan being men with their fish. Derek caught 2 fish, and Nathan, I think, had 4 within his sight, but for some reason we couldn't get one in the boat for him.

Brad and the canoe.

Yes, believe it or not, I even caught a fish. It has probably been at least 10 years! Brad caught 2 fish! We were in this great little hole and caught all 3 within probably 30 minutes! I love fish cooked in the fire. It is so good. BriAnn also caught one, and we got to reap the benefits of her fine work because she doesn't like fish.

Isn't the scenery nice?

Nathan :)

Janel and BriAnn on our little hike while the men fished

Packing up

Everyone on our last day.

Yes, we truly enjoyed ourselves. We had fun improvising during the camping trip since none of us are pros at the planning part of the camping experience quite yet. We cooked pretty much anything we wanted to on a stick in the fire including rolls, starbursts, and bacon. When you're camping anything goes.


He He He.