Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wrapping Up

We are on the countdown to our move date, and we are wrapping things up in Utah.  Less than 2 weeks until we haul our lives to Oregon.  Brad is taking the moving truck to Oregon NEXT WEEK!  It is hard to believe.

As I said, we are wrapping things up here in Utah.  We signed our papers yesterday to close on our home, so as of tonight it is officially no longer ours.  That is hard to believe as well.  We have been living with my parents since mid May.  Ellie and Christian love all the fun activities that come along with living at Grandma and Grandpa's house like playing with their fun toys, helping Grandpa in the garden with digging and planting, and sharing a room downstairs in their house.  A couple weeks ago, we sat down and wrote down some of our favorite memories of the house and tried to write down the many improvement projects Brad and co. have undertaken.  The list was not short...

We also went over to the empty house last week, the day before we thought we were going to close and took a bunch of silly family photos.  I just wanted to share a few.... or a lot.
 in the family room downstairs

 Downstairs bathroom

 crawl space

 Downstairs bedroom


 Brad attempting to teach them how to plank in the living room.

 The kitchen desk

 The kitchen sink

 Christian's bedroom

 Master bedroom

 upstairs bathroom

 the coat closet

Our first home

We are also trying to wrap up loose ends with our doctors in Utah, so today we visited my OB doctor and Christian's allergist. Christian is still allergic to peanuts and tree nuts as we have known for over a year now.  We recently added kiwis to his allergy repertoire after an eventful birthday on Conference Sunday.  We also requested to have him tested for shellfish since we will be an hour from the coast.  We are glad we did because we get to add lobster to the list as well, so we will just be avoiding shellfish all together.

As for my doctor visit, I am now 14 weeks along.  Baby looks healthy, and there is a good chance we should expect a new brother come November 23.  My gut said boy, but I never really trust my gut, I guess I should. We are very excited to add another rambunctious boy to our family, and now the boys will outnumber the girls.

Brad is also trying to wrap up everything with school.  His grades were posted last week which gave him authorization to take all his lovely tests.  He has signed up for 2 of the 3 exams he has to take in order to be licensed in Oregon and Utah. Tuesday he took his law exam, and we just found out today that he passed.  Phew!  One down, two to go.

Still so much to do before our Oregon adventure begins.