Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Christian Man

Christian Man had his second birthday over the weekend.  That boy is growing up.  His vocabulary is really starting to take off, and I find it very amusing to try and interpret his choppy sentences.  Brad and I have both said that we never really had this toddler talking phase with Ellie, so it is fun to experience it.  We decided to go to the Hill Aerospace Museum in Roy on his birthday.  He is a big airplane fan.  Any time we are outside, and he hears a loud noise, he searches the sky until he finds the plane.  We invited cousins over for hot dogs during the first session of conference, then we headed to the museum.  Christian and all his cousins loved running from plane to plane at the museum.  It was so nice that there were so many planes outdoors where they could just run and have fun.  We came home and had cake while watching the next session.  What fun.  

The cousin's eating a typical 2 year old's favorite food: hot dogs, jello, and juice.  

All the cousins lined up for a picture.  This was a difficult undertaking with all the excitement of aviation around them.

Ellie and Ainsley.  Oh those girls... they were great a posing for their picture.

Christian also invited Uncle Mikey and when he wasn't running from plane to plane outside, he wanted to be carried by Uncle Mikey.  
These two guys are best buds, and they were so much fun to watch in the plane museum.
When I asked Christian what he wanted for his birthday a week or so ago, he said "birfday candles, blow away!"  So it wasn't a surprise that the candles were blown out before a proper picture could even be taken.
Our happy family
(note from Brad: Who can name the two planes behind us?
Arguably the two coolest airplanes ever!)

 I love this picture of Christian.  He got the McQueen car for his birthday a year ago, but his genes just would not allow him to use use it to its full extent.  Around the end of January, his legs were finally long enough to reach the floor and now that car just zooms around our tile and laminate floors on a daily basis.  He loves it.
 This is how we found him the other day... in his boat... no pants...
(PS This is his favorite shirt.  He calls it his "mush-sash" shirt.)