Thursday, February 18, 2010

Much toTell

Aagain, it has been a long time since my last blog post. I might just become a once a month blogger.

Much of my absence is on account of me working full-time right now. The health department has needed some extra help to get through the H1N1 mess, so I have been able to pick up full-time status temporarily. It has been wonderful: I'm not in school anymore, our apartment is cold and lonely, and who couldn't use the extra money?

Brad has been going through the interview process for pharmacy school which has been an experience. It is fun, yet such a long drawn out process, and I just don't exactly love the waiting game we have to play. He has interviewed at the University of Southern Nevada-South Jordan campus, Midwestern University-Glendale, AZ campus, skipped the interview at University of Wyoming (who would want to live in Laramie for 4 years?), and has interviews at the University of Utah and Idaho State University in March. So far, the 2 schools he has interviewed with, he has been accepted to. We went down to Arizona together last week for the Midwestern Interview and absolutely enjoyed ourselves. We stayed with Brad's brother, Rob, and his wife, Kristen. Brad loved the program at Midwestern and would probably pick that program over Southern Nevada. Rob and Kristen were so fun to be with, and Joel, their little boy, is such a character. We didn't remember to use our camera, but at least Kristen took some great pictures while we were there. You'll have to go to their blog to see a couple priceless ones (can you tell they're brothers. They're actually twins born 5 years apart!)

The last and best news of the blog was saved for last. Can anyone guess what it might be? Well, if you couldn't, we hit the half way mark of our pregnancy this week. I've popped out quite a bit in the past couple weeks. Half way means that we also had "the big ultrasound" this week. It is so fun to see our little one swimming around in my belly. We found out that we are going to add another girl to the Winter family (the odds are really against the guys in the this family: in Brad's family 2 boys 5 girls; of the Winter grandkids so far: 1 boy 5 girls). Baby is due to arrive on July 11, and our doctor nick-named her "Slurpee" (get it! The due date is 7-11). We are so excited to be calling "it" a "she" now. And now we can think of a more permanent name. I'll be adding some ultrasound pics when I can get to another computer.

Sorry this was such a long post. I like to break up posts with pictures, but they were in short supply for many of my blogging topics. Anyway, all is well, with the Winters. Hopefully I'll be back soon with more news of the future pharmacist.