Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring and Other Things

I have had a lot of free time lately, but I have not utilized this time by posting on the blog. I decided it was about time. Weber State finished spring classes about two weeks ago. Brad has already started full swing into summer classes. How fun does that sound? I, on the other hand, cannot take summer classes, and I am worried that I might become very bored. I have kept myself occupied thus far, but only having a part time jobs provides me with a lot of free time. I have decided to read the books Brad has to read for his fiction class to pass time, I am open to suggestions for new and inexpensive hobbies.

We did plant flowers and vegetables last week. I guess you could consider that a hobby. Unfortunately, I don't know how well the tomotoes are going to do....we'll stay optimistic though. Most of our veggies and plants are in buckets and pots because we only have a 3x3 plot of dirt by our little home. I was so excited to plant some flower seeds in this little plot of dirt along with a couple tomatoe plants, but we have some sort of a bug, I think ants, that had a hay day over night, and the tomatoe plants are no more. And as soon as a single leaf pops up out of the ground from the flower seeds I planted, those dumb bugs chomp it up quite swiftly. Like I said, we'll try to be optimistic. Whatever the vermin is, it is leaving the chives alone, probably because they smell like onions and do not appeal to the bad-mannered bugs.
The tomatoe plant that has the most hope of survival.
These are the chives. We got the start from my parents house.
I hope we get at least enjoy some of the fruites of our labor by the end of the summer. I guess only time will tell.
In other news, my younger brother, Nathan, gets home from his mission in Salta, Argentina in five days. I am pretty stoked to see him. I can't wait to see how he has changed, and of course how he has grown. He is definitely staying busy his last week in the mission. We talked to him last week on Mother's Day, and he doesn't seem to even have time to think about coming home. I wonder if he's trunky at all. Even if he's not trunky, My mom sure is trunky enough for the both of them. She has been making all sorts of preparations for his return. She decided to paint a wall of his bedroom green to surprise him when he gets home. I helped Mom pick out the color last week, and we just need to paint one more layer on before it will be ready for him. This is the only wall in my parents entire house that has a color other than white on it, quite a bold move on my mom's part. Anyway, it sure will be fun to see him on Wednesday.