Saturday, May 30, 2015


Wow.  That went by fast.  We are gearing up to move back to the beehive state in less than a month, but we have had a fun filled Oregon May.
We had fun making mini pinatas on Cinco de Mayo
Over Mother's Day weekend my friend Sheri and I decided to run a 5k.  We wanted to motivate ourselves to exercise, and it worked wonderfully.  We were up at 6:30 in the morning a couple of times a week which is a huge improvement from my previous exercise schedule.  Unfortunately, Brad's work schedule changed and we had to stop right after we ran the race.  
This was my first 5K, so I was just happy to cross the finish line.  My sweet family came to support me.  It was a very fun race.  There weren't tons of people racing and Brad and the kids had a lot of fun visiting all the vendor booths while I ran.  

After the 5K, we decided to head for the coast.  We got a super cool new kite, and brought our sand castle building gear.  Everyone had so much fun, except Ivan.  He didn't like the cool ocean breeze.  
Brad went to California for his last residency conference for the year.  I was pretty proud of myself for surviving the week without him.  Thankfully (in a way), my friend Sheri, also had a husband out of town, so we kept ourselves busy all week together.  Here is Brad at a Padres game in San Diego.  He "worked" really hard at his conference.

We went to the Children's Museum in Salem with the two younger Blunck boys.  It was a beautiful day, so we spent a lot of the time outside on the big playground.
We spent another day with the Sheri and her boys picking strawberries.  The kids probably ate more than they picked.  

A couple months ago we noticed Christian's eye was starting to wander.  After seeing an eye doctor, Christian found out he gets to wear glasses!  He is far sighted, and a wandering eye is how this is often manifest in children.   He is very proud of his new glasses, and that he got them from Costco.  He tells everyone that compliments him where they came from.  He is also very proud to be just like his Aunt Janel (sorry everyone else in the family that wears glasses, I guess he just likes her the best).  I was glad that we had a great experience with the pediatric eye doctor as well as at the optical.  Christian was never nervous or against the glasses, so the transition has not been too bad.  

On Memorial Day,  Brad's co-resident, Ryan invited us to spend the day in the Springfield/Eugene area where he lives.  We visited the new home they just purchased, walked along the Willamette, and had lunch at a great restaurant on the U of O campus.  After, we drove to his family's property in Springfield.  Ryan's family has some beautiful property where they have a timber farm, cattle, and raise a few animals.  The kids had so much fun with all the animals.  After all the animal fun, we had a cookout.  It was all very beautiful and made us wonder why we are leaving Oregon.
Ellie and a baby turkey

She got a little nervous, and decided not to ride the horse, but she sure loved looking at them.

Christian's dream come true: riding a forklift tractor.

Baby kittens

Playing with Stella (Ryan's dog) along the river while the fire was being prepped for burgers.  Ellie kept throwing Stella's stick into the river, and Stella was great to swim in and retrieve it.  Ellie got splattered with wet dog water over and over again.   
Enjoying the scenery