Friday, November 18, 2011


(Brad writing today)
I grew up with five sisters (six at one time, I didn't forget you Kei). And needless to say, my father has had a lot of female hormones to deal with throughout the years. He really has done an amazing job. My sisters make up one of the best group of women I have ever met. But there is one thing my father never quite got down. My sisters love to give him a hard time recounting how traumatic it was the day that daddy had to do their hair for school. I believe most counts include Kristi crying. So, when Ellie was born I decided that I would at least be able to do pig tails and a fair pony. So after may tears on both of our parts, Ellie and I are proud to show off "Daddy's Piggers." Feel free to comment on how great they are...

Ok, so she is just cute regardless of who does her hair.